The Veil Brewing Co.


Identity Design

The Veil Brewing Co. is a craft brewery located in the Scott's Addition neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia that focuses on hop-forward beers and barrel aged wild ales. "The Veil" is the nickname for the protein-based membrane that grows on top of souring beer during spontaneous fermentation.

After developing a base identity system that reflects the dark and mysterious nature of the brewing process, we worked with The Veil team to conjure up a narrative around their four flagship beers. Trash talking gorillas, a mystical beast who eats Oompa-Loompas, a metal-guitar-soloing-rat and a grim reaper cat were the first in a long list of original characters we continue to develop.



Since their inception, The Veil has built charitable giving into their sales model. They support numerous local and regional non-profits by donating proceeds of their sales every third Thursday as well as hosting large-scale benefit events.


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Photos courtesy of Cory Smith for Good Beer Hunting