Blanchard's Coffee Company


Identity Re-Design

Blanchard's had most aspects of the equation on lock: fantastic product (check), intense passion for that product (check), continuous engagement with and education for customers (check), and stability after almost ten years in the biz (check). But one thing wasn't quite there yet for this local, independent roaster—the visual expression of the brand was an amalgamation of a variety of designers' work, created at various times throughout the brand's nine-year tenure, and without much consideration for cohesion or the brand’s core values.

We teamed up with the BCRC right as they were looking to expand their distribution into a larger swath of the East Coast. Along with modernizing their logo, we created a new visual language for their products and promotions. Consistency and a system of colors and illustrations now help to distinguish the brand’s plethora of offerings.



Blanchard’s expresses their commitment to sustainability in the global coffee community through responsible sourcing, stewardship, and thoughtful roasting.


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identity system design
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Photography courtesy of Blanchard's Coffee Company